Diamond Mattress

We make mattresses. We have a fast, flexible and efficient manufacturing operation. We make up to 1500 mattresses a day at each of our locations, California and Texas. Instead of stock piling mattresses in our warehouses, we make them when you order them. If one of our retail partners places an order on Monday, we make it, load it on one of our trucks and deliver it by Friday. If an order is placed on our website or one of our e-commerce partner websites, we make and ship it within 2-3 days. It’s who we are and what we do.


We believe that sleep has the power to change our lives. It is the path to feeling more fulfilled and finding a deeper connection to the beauty of life. Diamond Mattress is dedicated to pursuing people-first innovation to improve life and transform our relationship with sleep. More than just making mattresses, Diamond is defining a better way to live by perfecting the art of sleep wellness.

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